Fiction Boudoir



Fiction Boudoir: Channeling Strong Female Characters 

So, did you do it?

Did you ogle Zachary Howell in the Harry Potter style male boudoir session that has taken the country by storm? It is every girl’s dream come true. Seeing the shy wizard in a bolder and ripped avatar!

Guilty. I did too.

But then it gave me an idea.

I started asking around, interested in what women really find sexy in the celebrities of the today– “If they had to bring the vibe of one female character to the boudoir floor, whom would they choose?”

The answers ran the gamut from Katniss Everdeen to Jessica Rabbit (Yup…didn’t you notice her assets?). But the three names that came up again and again were Sophia Loren, Anastasia Steele and Lisbeth Salander. You might have to google one or two of those.

A strange and rather eclectic collection! That’s what I love about my art. It evolves all the time and is so full of creative challenges.

Here is my take on what you can do to don the persona and the style of these iconic ladies and spice up your intimate sessions.



Fiction Boudoir


Anastasia Steele:

Let’s start with her. Any why not? I am grinning wickedly now. Just so you know. The second Fifty Shades movie is all set to hit the cinemas this Valentine’s Day and you loving BDSM might just be the perfect “frozen in eternity” gift for your significant other on this special occasion.

Anastasia Steele is the embodiment of male fantasy. The perfect pure virgin who takes to depravity with gusto! I mean that hardly makes sense but then, people who dive into the Fifty Shades series aren’t looking for logic.

But I digress.

In order to recreate her definitive moments, you can start with the good old sitting with your bare back to the camera and looking over your shoulders with an expression of excited disbelief.

You can then move on to a few blind folded shots in a sexy sheer teddy. Or negligée.


Anastasia Steele:


Last but not the least, who can forget the hands tied to the bedpost?


Anastasia Steele


Don’t worry…you will be a lot less awkward than Dakota Johnson who had to shoot with Jamie Dornan. Rumor is…they didn’t get along at all. I am sure you and your photographer will share a much better rapport. This will be fun!

Sophia Loren: 

The Italian screen goddess. You could embrace the genre of vintage boudoir as you bring the haughty, sexy, gold hearted, fierce Sophia to life.

Lots of stockings and garters, diamonds and large ornate hats. Beds with elaborate silk tapestries. This is the height of glamour and charm.

If you want some inspiration, check out my post on vintage intimate sessions where I recommend the right make-up and props for an authentic shoot.


Modern Sophia Loren


Lisbeth Salander: 

Display your tattoos and piercings with pride. This lady calls for bringing your bad ass to the studio. Lisbeth is the ultimate Goth queen. She is the heart of the famed Millennium Trilogy and she doesn’t give a damn.

For this look make-up is extremely important. Go for exaggerated eyes and dark matte lips.

You can experiment with the kinky ball and chain. Or you can even do the spurned Goth bride with a black veil and a body hugging corset. After all Lisbeth was initially “given the cold shoulder” by the dashing Mikael.


Lisbeth Salander boudoir

Lisbeth Salander boudoir


Each character represents a particular quality. You can also pick someone from the books and the movies that you really resonate with, create a mood board of significant cinematic moments where the persona shone through and share it with your photographer for an utterly personalized shoot that is different from everybody else’s.

Own your boudoir day! You are meant to.

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