The beauty of simplicity


The beauty of simplicity is something I'm always searching for. I've now been shooting boudoir photography for 10 years and with every year I learn more, new styles emerge, old falls away, skills are honed, and inspiration is always fluttering at my door. I've never been one of those photographers that feels like I need [...]

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Top Boudoir Trends of 2018


Whatever top boudoir trends of 2018 you use, we are so excited to shoot your beautiful self in any of our amazing locations. We love a variety of session styles from edgy to dramatic to cozy, home-like sessions that are so popular this year. And for us, this year is going to be our best year yet. Want a cozy, home-like session in a city near you?

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Your ego ain’t your amigo!


Ok, hold up! What does your ego have anything to do with Boudoir Photography?! The average woman looks in the mirror and has something critical to say about her body! Literally this is ridiculous and yet it’s so true.

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