Let us know how a boudoir shoot could help empower your life and conquer your fears.

We need more women inhaling courage and exhaling fear!
Give yourself permission to rise, and you will inspire others to do the same!

You’ve Stood Up For Others.

Now It’s Time to Love Yourself!

You’re beautiful. You’re powerful. You’re unique. But when was the last time you truly owned these qualities and boldly made yourself a priority?

The road to bliss is paved with uninhibited self-love.

And the most personal and transformative way to start this journey is through a pampering, decadent, luxurious boudoir shoot.

Ace lenswoman Marisa Leigh regularly helps clients shed their inhibitions and walk away from her studio with a new sense of self-appreciation and love. Marisa is not just a photographer, she she is your personal empowerment cheerleader. Not only has she has been working with and photographing women for over 15 years, she has an equal amount of coaching, personal development courses and workshops in her arsenal. The way she approaches the art she creates with women is unique and leaves her clients in awe of the experience.  

And now you have the chance to experience the same alchemy!

Let us know how a boudoir shoot can change your life and empower you to be the strong and beautiful woman you know you truley are!

We are selecting a touching answer every month and honor the woman behind it with a complimentary glamour and or boudoir photoshoot with 5 digital high resolution photos – NO. STRINGS. ATTACHED. This is our way of giving back to the work we feel is incredibly important. The work of self love, self acceptance, honing our power as a women, the creators of life, and the superior beings we really are!

If the thought of participation gives you cold feet – you should absolutely take the plunge. You need this experience!

More details will be shared with the winner.

Let’s Hear Your Story.



Say hello to the lucky couples boudoir contest winners!

Jill & Erik

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