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Boudoir Shoot Must Haves


Boudoir Shoot Must Haves Are The Often Forgotten Things That Matter So...you have taken the plunge. You are going to bare all in front of the camera and you have already made up your mind that you will love it! And don’t get me wrong, you most certainly will. In fact your first shoot is [...]

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Multiple personalities: The many faces in a boudoir shoot


  Multiple personalities carry with them a whisper of stigma. The very word calls up images of troubled souls – of Sybil and Eve. Of anguish and pain! Oh what it must be like to have your physical space constantly violated by alien beings and presences. No wonder the medieval folks confused multiple personality disorder [...]

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You Are Art


  Even though my life always seems crazy, the last 6 weeks have been a world wind. I’ve been missing here on the blog for some time and if you come here often and like to read my blogs, I must apologize. I often forget that I have daily, weekly and monthly viewers. As as [...]

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June boudoir promotions


  Hey sexy ladies! Summer is finally here and it's time to heat things up with my June boudoir promotions for our annual June charity month!  First, we have a boudoir mini's event on the 24th!  We have 3 spots left! The session is $75 and includes a 30 min session with 2 high resolution retouched photos. That's [...]

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waking life


There is nothing like running naked through the woods especially on shrooms! I've been missing over the last couple weeks because I've been traveling quite a bit and I've been just crazy busy. I've been taking some amazing photos lately and I definitely feel as though work is in a period of rebirth! There is [...]

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5 Boudoir Props That Never Go Out of Style


5 Boudoir Props That Never Go Out of Style and every photographer should have. Boudoir is a straight up addiction. At Least for me it is. The liberation, exhilaration and the transcendental quality of the sessions get you hooked to the magical alchemy of hesitance into confidence and restriction into fluidity. Sorry that was  a [...]

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  Be fluid, like water moving down the stream. There is nothing in your way, you move through obstacles, there is no resistance, there is just flow.




  I've always been on a search for grace. Grace in who I am, what I am doing, where I am, and especially in what I'm photographing. Over the last few months of photographing dancers and connecting to the love I have for the beauty of form and movement;  I am remembering where I first found [...]


Touch the sky


  Only from the heart can you touch the sky -Rumi I found dance after some very difficult years of being bullied, teased and tormented. I found dance at a time in my life when it seemed like there wasn't much I was good at.Dance changed everything; it opened my heart and gave me the [...]

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The Best First Year Anniversary Gift Ever!


  Anniversary gifts are tricky. The occasion is so laden with meaning and expectations that many people get cold feet when it comes to picking something that stands for commitment, love and dedication. Traditionally speaking the first anniversary gift calls for the gift of “paper”. At least in the US! I know this is a [...]

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How to hire a boudoir photographer you are comfortable with?


  How to hire a boudoir photographer you are comfortable with? Wow, now that’s a question that very few clients ask – especially if they are lending themselves to this art form for the first time! Most people focus on reflection and introspection. They try to find the right reasons to enter a studio and [...]

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