Inner Beauty Charity Month


Due to the tremendous success from October’s Operation Smile Boudoir Charity Event, we are bringing it back with an even sweeter deal! Last years promotion needed up providing life-changing surgeries to 5 children with debilitating cleft palettes. This was thanks to all the wonderful clients that came in the month of October. Now this year [...]

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Girl Getaways


  We don't get enough of them, do we? Girl Getaways are the best, and can be just what the doctor ordered. As women, artists, souls in need of adventure and inspiration, we need to do these more often. A good Girl Getaway provides the space to let go a little, discover something new and [...]

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I am a feminist


  I stumbled upon Marlies Dekkers a few months ago when I was in Vegas for Curve, which is a traveling lingerie show. I was researching brands for midnight muse. When I hit her booth, I could not help but stop, touch, and behold these incredibly sophisticated, couture pieces of lingerie! I must have spent [...]

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Spring into Sexy


  I have been cleansing now for 15 days. I fasted for three days and for the other 12 days I ate one simple clean meal every day with replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner. I have no idea if I've lost any weight, because I don't own a scale, but I can tell you [...]

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Playa Viva


A few months ago I went to Mexico to help my dear friend Sarah out with starting her youtube channel, easy love.   After missing my flight then my connection, I ended up in Mexico City. I left the airport against Curtis's wishes in hopes to discover something worth while. That's just what I do, adventure! [...]

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